Jose Gonzalez
Mary Figueroa

Are getting married!

on March 7, 2020 — Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Groom & Bride

Jose Gonzalez

I'm a little simple and more complex. I work hard to achieve my dreams, yet don't limit myself in enjoying life. Traveling and getting to know the world is a passion of mine. Growing up, I always though about who I would marry, where I would live and what would I be doing. The time has come and I'm excited to soon spend my life with my best friend and the most amazing women to enter my life! More traveling and memories to come.

Mary Figueroa

I'am a conventional girl with the spirit of a warrior. I enjoy challenging myself and reaching my goals. I take joy in the small things that bring a smile, but my life was finally complete when I met my future husband. Our relationship becomes stronger everyday as we encourage each other, take pleasure on each other's happiness and hold each other tight. I love where our life is heading and I can't wait to soon be your Mrs. Gonzalez.

When & Where

RIU Yucatan

The Hotel Riu Yucatan (All Inclusive 24h) is located in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. Hotel includes all you can drink, eat, recreational activities and kid friendly at no additional cost.

Please click here for special group rates and accommodations.

Your welcome to arrive early and stay as long as you want!

Wedding Ceremony

The ceremony will be at the Guadalupe Chapel in Xcaret, Mexico. Cross the threshold of one of beautiful chapels in Mexico. Here, we will both exchange vows while also baptizing our new born.

As you approach the altar, you will notice the figure of the Virgin of Guadalupe, magnificently carved on a 12-meters (39.3 ft) tall log. Looking down, in a small cave below the statue of the virgin, you will see a stone altar that seems to float on the waters of a cenote.

Saturday, March 7th, 2020

Wedding Reception

In Xcaret, Mexico, we'll celebrate a beautiful replica of the old Henequen Hacienda houses of the 20th century with its period furniture, bedrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen, chapel, machinery room and a warehouse where the best of Mexican handcrafts can be found.

Gift Registry

We're simply grateful for your presence to celebrate the occasion with us!
Your presence is all we want, but if you choose to get us a gift, that be okay too... we don't have a gift registry but like gift cards from from Amazon, Target, Costco and Visa/American Express.

Hotel Reservation

Reserving your hotel room at Riu Yacatan by clicking HERE. We have a dedicated individual who will assist everyone in booking their hotel room. If you find a better price, the agency will match that. Just make a deposit to secure your room. No interest or fees. We also have coordinated the arrangement at another near by resort, Riu Tequila at a lower price.


We’ll also be baptizing our soon to be born baby boy (due date :7/21/2019) during the marriage ceremony.